We played in Sirotan fluffy room set

In the fluffy room of the Sirotan, Sirotan furniture design is very cute.
Wild boar Sirotan seemed to have a first dream of playing in Sirotan fluffy room, and he seemed happy, so I managed to collect 4 sets in order to make his dream come true.

Wild boar Sirotan

It seems that parts of fluffy room are carefully made one by one.

very cute.

First of all, it is an introduction of Sirotan bath set.
This is small one by one, so assemble it careful not to lose it.

The bathtub is in the shape of Sirotan and the handle of Sirotan is drawn on the bottom.
The shower head is also the shape of Sirotan, as well as a tub.

Wild boar Sirotan

Sirotan shampoo bottle is so small compared to onigiri.

Sirotan bathed in.
At the edge of the bathtub is Sirotan type soap, and a face was drawn when seen often.

Sirotan sleeping in bed set is divided into three parts before assembly.
The pillow is a fish type.

When assembled, it becomes this shape.

Wild boar Sirotan

Sirotan lying face down is also very cute.

Sirotan kitchen set is attached a pot and a ladle.
It is very amazing.

First, it can open the oven and keep the pot and ball under sink.

Wild boar Sirotan

This is made very artistically…

The end is an introduction of Sirotan refrigerator set.
Milk carton and milk bottle are included.
And Pudding and Ice.

Wild boar Sirotan

I am an essential item because I love ice cream.

This refrigerator also opens the door.
There is also a door pocket.

Wild boar Sirotan

Can you store this onigiri?

Sirotan Fluffy Room, everything is cute to every detail.